We care about food…
where it comes from and how it’s made,
just like you do.


Our buns are squishy and dusted with chestnut flour.


We source only the best ingredients. We try hard to avoid using anything processed or canned. All our sauces are homemade – oh, with the exception of ketchup and mustard.


Every beef patty is made fresh daily from our recipe of prime cuts from Gold Standard Black Angus beef that is certified 100% antibiotic and hormone free.

But ultimately, we care about what the burger tastes like.

For this, we have eaten enough burgers to sink a ship; asked everyone and their cousins about their opinions; and have toiled countless hours in the kitchen with a singular mission: to make a delicious burger.
  • Burgers
  • Fries
  • Salads
  • Desserts
  • Drinks

Classic burger

lemon–dijon aioli, shaved red onion, pickle, tomato, lettuce

195 CZK

The cheese burger project

smoked cheddar cheese, roasted garlic-dijon, crème fraîche,
shaved red onion, pickle , tomato, lettuce

230 CZK

Bacon cheese burger

maple syrup glazed bacon, swiss cheese, lemon-dijon aioli,
pickle, tomato, lettuce

240 CZK

Wild mushrooms + Bleu d’auvergne cheese

arugula aioli, sauteed mixed mushrooms, lettuce

240 CZK

California burger

homemade guacamole, spicy smoked chipotle aioli, tomato salsa fresca

240 CZK

Farmer’s burger

sunny side up fried egg, crispy tyrolian bacon, roasted jalapeno aioli, tomato, baby spinachFarmer’s burger

250 CZK

Black truffle burger

black truffle aioli, onion jam, provolone cheese, tomato, lettuce

265 CZK

Sloppy Joe burger

meat chili con carne, crispy onion rings, con queso green onion spread

275 CZK

The Ultimate Double Decker burger

double beef patty, cheddar cheese, house secret sauce, tomato,
shredded iceberg lettuce

325 CZK

“Almost‘‘ vegan friendly burger

roasted sweet potato black bean patty, bbq sauce,
apple fennel coleslaw

225 CZK

Ahi tuna burger

grilled ahi tuna steak (seared medium rare), wasabi mayo,
asian coleslaw with fresh pineapple, roasted cashews

285 CZK

Pay Day burger – available only on fridays

seared beef patty, butter poached nova scotia lobster,
tarragon zabaglione, watercress pesto

425 CZK

French fries

sprinkled with maldon salt

55 CZK

Truffle french fries

aged parmigiano, truffle salt

85 CZK

Sweet potato fries

fresh herb–yogurt dip

95 CZK

Meat chili con carne fries

shredded cheddar cheese, pickled jalapenos, green onion

165 CZK

Canadian style french fries “Poutine”

home-made beef gravy, melted mozzarella

135 CZK

Apple fennel coleslaw

fresh shaved fennel, granny smith apple, chive crème fraîche

35 CZK

Asian coleslaw

shredded white + red cabbage, fresh pineapple, roasted cashews, soya ginger vinaigrette

45 CZK

GPB Ceasar salad

maple syrup glazed bacon, herbed croutons, homemade caesar dressing

SM 125 CZK LG 195 CZK

Thai salad + roasted cashews

napa cabbage, fresh mango, green onion, carrot, radicchio, crushed roasted cashews, fresh mint-lime vinaigrette

add pan seared tuna 150,-


SM 125 CZK LG 195 CZK

Mediterranean salad

chickpeas, roasted red pepper, cucumber, red onion, tomato, crumbled feta cheese, oregano–lemon vinaigrette

SM 125 CZK LG 195 CZK

Chocolate port + cherry brownie square

chantilly cream

125 CZK

Pistachio macaron vanilla ice cream sandwich

dipped in dark chocolate ganache, crushed pistachios

145 CZK

Mini deep-fried doughnut bag

strawberry espuma + chocolate fudge dipping sauce

135 CZK

Traditional Pilsner Urquell

0,4l 45 CZK 1,9l 180 CZK

Matuška California Pale ale

0,4l 75 CZK 1,9l 300 CZK

Matuška seasonal

0,4l 75 CZK 1,9l 300 CZK

White: Chardonnay

(Vinicola Serena, Veneto, Italy)

0,15l 75 CZK 0,5l 250 CZK 0,75l 375 CZK

Red: Sangiovese

(Vinicola Serena, Veneto, Italy)

0,15l 75 CZK 0,5l 250 CZK 0,75l 375 CZK

Classic lime + pink himalayan salt rim

0,3l 125 CZK 1,5l 500 CZK

Pineapple, fresh coriander + chili salt rim

0,3l 135 CZK 1,5l 540 CZK

Blood orange + lemon flavored salt rim

0,3l 135 CZK 1,5l 540 CZK

The good: Olmeca Reposado

0,04l 60 CZK Double Up 100 CZK

The bad: Cabrito Blanco

0,04l 80 CZK Double Up 140 CZK

The ugly: Patron Reposado

0,04l 100 CZK Double Up 180 CZK

Black tea forest flower honey, sorrento lemon

0,4l 55 CZK 1,9l 220 CZK

Fruit tea, fresh strawberry, sweet basil

0,4l 55 CZK 1,9l 220 CZK

Jasmine tea, fresh lemongrass

0,4l 55 CZK 1,9l 180 CZK


0,4l 45 CZK 1,9l 180 CZK

Coca-Cola Zero

0,4l 45 CZK 1,9l 180 CZK


0,4l 45 CZK

Orange Fanta

0,4l 45 CZK 1,9l 180 CZK

Pago orange / apple

0,2l 45 CZK

Filtered Q2 water

still / bubbly

0,5l bottle 45 CZK 0,75l bottle 65 CZK

Filtered coffee – Double Shot roasting house

50 CZK + one free refill

Assorted teas

55 CZK
Everyday 11.00 – 23.00

Vodičkova 32, Prague 1
+420 222 946 173

This is our labor of love.
George and the Prime team.